Halloween Fun Part 2 (Features Raunchy Stuff!)

And the infectious spooky delight of Hauntfest 2011 at the Oregon District continues....

Oh look!
It's a a She Smurf!
She was soooo adorable!

Rob fit right in!

Arrgh! A pirate!

I found out!
The reason for Patrick's apparent dumbness is.....

All Jedi knights and light sabers rejoice!
Rob is the villain in this sordid tale.

Withholding screams!

Another one of my classmates!
I didn't spy any Slytherins, Hufflepuffs, or Ravenclaws at all!
*cough* Losers! *cough*

Best costume!
Hands down!
I am soooooo going to be a duck next year!
Absolutely serious about this- yellow catsuit, feathers, and all.
You'll see in 366 days....(it's leap year next year!)

Rob was dying to be captured with his boyhood hero, Bumblebee!
Just kidding!

"....heroes in a half shell turtle power!"

It's everyone's dream to be sooooo big time, you wind up on Star Magazine!
Am I right?

Always a first time for everything right?
Squeezed a boob that wasn't my own!
That's one thing knocked off of my Bucket List! ;)

Asian Jack Sparrow?
Oh yeah!

Ummmm..... yeah.
We even fought over a condom.
Not that I was going to use it or anything....

And a lil reminder of who I am....


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