The Day After

As much as I hang out at the Oregon District- at the art galleries, the thrift shop, the record store, Fifth Street Deli, Trolley Stop, and the Sterling Silver Studio, I should have stepped into Feathers at least once!
Today I decided to do so on this beautifully sunny afternoon!
That's me reflected in the store front window, by the way!

Isn't this coat darling?
I absolutely love the color.
Sharp, bold, and downright sophisticated, I imagined looking like a richly spoiled gal with a veiled pillbox hat on top of my head and walking a frou frou dog in spiky, over the top heels!
I have the tendency to let my thoughts run wild!

This charming black beaded velvet jacket is the stuff of dreams isn't it?
It looks a bit large, short in length, and shoulder padded.
How could a body like mine pull off something as classic as this?
I have an hourglass shape so this would definitely box me in too.
Unless I found a tailor who could work miracles, this $40 jacket had to stay!
Now I know why people try things on.

Hello Warhol- Lichtenstein!
Very pop art!
Hard edged, loud, and colorful, this is the kind of vogue top that gets conversations started!
At only $14.95 it wasn't bad, but I don't have a figure that can easily accept clingy fabrics such as this!
I'm a body conscious.
Maybe that'll change after the weeks of belly dancing and Nintendo Wii Fit? Who knows....

I don't know how to ride.
It's a shame, this I hear a lot.
Can't drive a car, can't roller skate, can't skateboard, and can't bicycle, but I know how to be in a passenger seat, ride a bus, and walk.
This bike is sooooo sweet though!
Needing only a bit of paint retouching in certain spots, it has a 50's- 60's retro vibe.
I pictured attaching a little basket between the handlebars, strolling around Dayton with joy.
This rare October sunshine isn't going to last forever!
I soooooo want this bike!
And I'll probably be dreaming about it all night!
I might give the clerk a call tomorrow and see if it's available.
in my case, it's now or never to learn!

What's a vintage boutique without records?
And not just any records- Marvin Gaye & Michael Jackson, two of the most brilliant African-American masterminds of the R&B/Soul/Pop scene.
One of these days, I'm getting a record player!
It's coming back guys! The record player is coming back!
With a vengeance too!

I have such a hard time whenever I see this!
It comes around the first weekend of the month- FREE BOOKS GALORE!!!!
Topics ranging from art, science, theory, classic, romance, poetry, play- all kinds of complimentary books to promote reading are placed in these cardboard boxes on top/ underneath a table near the record store.
So, yes, obligated and appreciative, I had to do a quick look through.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE books!!!!!
Cannot say it enough!

Well, I was caught dead by this joke-
"Why didn't the man buy any orange juice at the grocery store?
Because he couldn't concentrate!"
Cheesy, I know, but I laughed regardless.
Passersby must have thought me nuts!
The other book, "Legs" is by an author named William Kennedy- a man I have never heard of.
Back in its day, it won a Pulitzer Prize.
That must mean something!

On Saturdays the 2nd Street Market is opened from 8AM- 3PM and I go whenever I can!
I checked out the table laden with goodies- cherry yogurt covered pretzels, chocolate covered peanuts, and other fine sugary sweetness!
Boy was I hungry!!!!

Red and golden cauliflower and ripened avocados!
My stomach almost exploded from imagining a delightful dish starring the two of these ingredients.
Steamed, sprinkled cauliflower with garlic, and smothered in creamy guacamole like sauce....
Okay, maybe no one else is feeling that, but I most certainly am.

Pumpkin season!
Purchased a jar of fine Pumpkin Butter and cannot wait to get the spreading- toast, scones, crossiants, waffles, pancakes, any scrap of bread is doomed, haha!
Also I sampled a brown rice/quinoa salad, a narrow slice of ciabatta bread with the most amazing butter atop, and a peanut butter, chocolate chip cookie!
Didn't take any pictures due to a dead camera, but all was well for this Saturday's venture!


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