What The Duck Fashion!

This was my dream last night.
A clustered, metaphoric cloud of rubber duck inspiration came to me....

I suppose we all have our little maddening obsessions.
These little things that make us overly happy time and time again.
Mine are of course- chocolate, vintage clothes, art, writing, and rubber ducks!
So combining art, rubber ducks, and fashion made for an exciting sketchbook venture!
From previous posts, you could see that the owl designs being included into the wearable world got me thinking about finding a place for ducks.
What if they could be emphasis for clothes and bags and not just towels, hand dispensers, and other bathroom items?
Starring Prismacolor colored pencils and markers, let's see the five nifty items I've made so far.

Was there ever a fancier tote?
A lot of people will gawk and stare at the fashionista with envy when she walks around painting the town blue and yellow with this glam rubber duck patterned bag!
I have a lot of fantasies swinging this round and round with colored pencils, sketchpad, and chocolates inside.
It must be made!

I like Janelle Monae's tuxedo style and it kind of inspired this just a bit.
With a red tie, vest, orange blouse, and denim skirt, my afro diva was missing something!
Rubber duck tights!
That was precisely it!
Though I need to retool this a bit, there was an idea of sheer blue tights with traditional yellow ducks in a pattern.
Don't want to be overdoing the need to outline the ducks. Maybe I will also mainly focus on the legs wearing the tights.
Not a whole entire outfit.
The ducks seem so miniscule here.
So I didn't particularly enjoy this sketch so much.

More tights....
This time with more of a vintage influenced color palette.
Needing to get the ducky out of his/her yellow/orange comfort zone and experiment with other color variations, I had been looking on various retro fashion sites and blogs like Mod Cloth hounding for tasty design, especially in tights where the site has many, many options to choose from- from solid color to lace, celestial bodies, and peacock feathers!
This sketch is going to need further study and rendering, but so far I think something is clicking here.

Bandanna power!
Why not rock this cute scarf over your hair or on the neck?
I suppose it'll be another conversation starter accessory and if not, how about the "Cat's Meow" tank top?
I'll make a colored pencil drawing of this!
Thinking less yellow and blue, more purple, turquoise, lime green, and hot pink....

I love a good ole pleated skirt!
Now in combination with some fancy yellow polka dots and rubber duck enthusiasm, this just makes for a perfect kind of outfit, especially for summer!
But I imagine a nice warm vintage sweater over top, lovely knitted tights, and black knee high boots would keep one cozy in the long winter months!

More fun, ducky inspired fashions (including jewelry and aprons!) to come with African centric elements thrown into the mix, I promise you!
Plus, I'm no sewing genius, but I've been looking on etsy for duck fabrics!
Stay tuned! :)


  1. I love lil duckies! The are so cute. I used to have a bathroom with its decor only in little ducks :) They are the little yellow things that make me smile

  2. Yay!
    Love them too!
    I also had a bathroom done in the same way- shower curtains, prints, towels, tooth brush holder, and all!
    They still make me happy as a clam! :)


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