A Most Quacked Up Imagination!

Ever since I heard from resident artist Kevin Harris about five dollar Wednesdays and Saturdays at the Dayton Printmaking Coop, I have been super duper excited! It’s an amazing opportunity to use the facility and their materials for so low a price.
It’s a great steal to take advantage of!
Plus, it is an hour’s walk away.
Woo hoo!
Now for weeks, I kept wondering what would I make?
What kinds of drawings are worth printing?
Holiday cards are definitely on the way, but I wanted to make other artworks too.
As most of my friends know, I’ve been secretly plotting to squeeze my way into the fashion industry. A few blog posts ago, I shared whimsical fashion dreams- rubber ducky style! Etsy, eBay, Google, JoAnn’s, thrift shops were the places I searched for rubber ducky centric fabrics.
Weeks ago, I found this amazing number for only $1 at the Village!

Yes, $1.
And it was originally $2!
Talk about dated and vintage.
Tote bag? Skirt? A vest?
Who knows what I’ll be making out of it?
There’s plenty to experiment with!
Lastly, coming to a chest near you....
Rob, my awesome older brother and great pals via Twitter have been helping me create witty slogans for an upcoming screen-printing adventure.
You can see them all on Sugarygingersnap's Facebook page- http://www.facebook.com/pages/Sugarygingersnap/136626953111613
Starring my beloved rubber ducky, so far I've sketched out an idea in Prismacolor/Sharpie markers and colored pencils for- “Shut The Duck Up!", “Quack Power!”, and “Duck You!”
More to be added later!


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