The Thanksgiving Eve Poem

Twas the night before Thanksgiving, it rained and rained,
Hail loudly hit windows and cars, making ones head pained.
All settled in bed, my body extremely ached from a hardcore fitness work out,
Ready for a nap, fatigued muscles dying to relax from the bout.
Visions of Tofurky, mac and cheese, vegetables, and pumpkin pies,
Making mouth water hungrily as tears sprung to my eyes.
Stomach growled in heady anticipation for the next day,
Where the table would be ladled with various foods from along the way.
Awakened from food coma dreams, I heard such a clatter,
I arose out of bed to see what was the matter.
Lo and behold, a sight my eyes were shocked to see,
Mr. Gobble-Gobble, the tallest turkey alive had come to visit me.
Red cheeked, blue faced, and vibrantly feathered,
A bag over his plump shoulder, happy as can be and not weathered.
Standing pajama clad inside of the living room, proud to see his face,
The words he spoke made me feel such happiness and grace.
“Thank you for eating soy meat,
For not consuming me, my children or any of the fleet,
Have a great holiday, but alas I bear a token for you,
For the kindness you’ve shown upon us very small few.”
He plucked feathers off his very back,
Colors of red, purple, and orange were placed upon burgundy sack.
Opening my gift with glee and cheer,
Revealing a gold chained necklace with a dangling pendant of a tiny turkey tier.
“This is so beautiful, I thank you very much,
For I didn’t expect anything but food tomorrow, not presents and such!”
He shook his small head, cackled, and grinned,
“Oh, Miss! I appreciate you for you are a truly good friend.”
I thanked him for stopping by and wished him the best,
But the hour grew late now and I needed to rest.
“Have a pleasant holiday,” said Mr. Gobble-Gobble, “and try to eat well,
Surely you don’t want a tummy ache or your belly to swell!”
“Hahaha!” I laughed with good spirit and ease,
The turkey was so mean for being a tease!
But up my chimney he went, probably to visit others of the vegetarian society,
To praise and give them special presents for having Tofurky.
I stroked the newly acquired necklace resting at my throat, still in shock,
Upon nestling back in my bed, I heard the sound of Mr. Gobble-Gobble’s loud talk,
“Happy Thanksgiving to all, to everyone even the stuffed turkeys on your plate,
May you all have a delightful meal and sleep very late!”
Giggling and yawning, my head on the pillowcase,
I drifted off to somewhere else, a Thanksgiving induced place.


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