Triple Sarah Michelle Gellar Sightings In Dayton!

Buffy is back and she's in town!
For only a limited time!
I mean Sarah Michelle Gellar and her duo identity characters- Siobhan and Bridget on CW's new show, Ringer, which I reviewed weeks ago here:
Still giving it a chance.
Though I must admit, I'm two episodes behind (still missing the talented, curvaceous Gemma *insert sniffle*) on the twisted yet utterly predictable drama.
Strolling through Dayton, seeing larger than life Ringer ads on Smithville (near home) and on Wayne Ave and Main Streets (both downtown) would give "Big Head Portrait" a run for her money!
Also, I kept thinking about Buffy.
Did the Slayer have this many billboards in our town?
Was her presence graced with stakes and crosses telling us to WB?
I miss that show so much.
Seem to be missing a lot of things.
When will they ever perfect the time machine?
Need to transport to about thirteen years ago.
The Buffy and Angel comic books are just not the same even with Joss Whedon at the helm.

This is behind the new eclectic eatery, Olive.
Yes, the paint job is horrid on the building Ringer's on, but that used to be the old 2nd Street Market and is currently a parking garage.
Apparently no need to be painted beautifully or interesting for passersby.
As for SMG, Dayton's advertising placement doesn't get any better...

Between a hot pink Trimbach's Auto Shop billboard and Rally's fast food joint our Double Trouble girls!

Underneath an underpass and the least visible of the three.
I walk pass this Main Street just about everyday.
Not particularly noticeable if a person is driving.
Funny enough, McDonald's is only a block away!
Someone was hungry...


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