Shameless "EJ Dimera For Salem Mayor" Commercial Advertisement

Here are 500 words to describe EJ Dimera:
acute affable apt adroit agile agog abandoned abdicate abiding abrogated accomplished accountability acrimonious adamant adaptive adherent adumbrated advantageous affected afflicted alluring absorbing aggressive altruistic amaranthine amazing ambiguous ambitious ambrosial amiable amusing analytical anxious apprehensive ardent arousing artful articulate assailed assertive assiduous astonishing astounding astute attentive audacious aureate authoritative avaricious aware awe-inspiring beautiful beguiling behooved berated bewildering bewitching bold brassy brazen brilliant burdensome capable cajoling cantankerous captious captivating cautious cavalier cerebral chivalrous clandestined clever charismatic charming cheeky circumspect coaxing cocky cognizant collected commanding compelling complex complicated comprehensive conciliatory conclusive condescending confident conflicted coniving conscientious constructive consuming contemplative contemporary contemptuous contravened conversant convincing copious covetable crafty creative crestfallen criticized culpability cultivated cunning curt cynic cynical dangerous dashing debonair dedicated defiant deleterious deliberate delinquent demagogue deplorable derelict destructive detached determined dexterous devastated devious devoted diffident diligent discarded discouraged disheartened disparaging disseminative distinctive distinguished divine dogmatic doleful doting dubious dulcet duplicitous eager ebullient edgy efficient effervescent efficacious effulgent electrifying elocutionary eloquent engaging energizing engrossing enigmatic enlightening entertaining enthralling enticing entrenched erudited esoteric euphoric evasive everlasting exalted exciting expressive exquisite extraordinary exuberant facile facetious fearless fervent fetching fiery forthright fortitude gallant gallivant gentleman gorgeous graceful grandiloquent gratifying gregarious grey gripping gritty grudging guarded guilt-ridden handsome headstrong heartbroken hellion hot-blooded hasty heartbreaking hesitant humorous hypnotizing iconoclast imaginative imminient impassive incessant incontrovertible indestructible ingenious illustrious impeccable implicated impressive impulsive impetuous implacable impressive impugned inappropriate incandescent incendiary incessant incomparable incorrigible incredulous incredible indefatigable indefinite independent indomitable indubitable ineffectual inexorable inescapable influential iniquitous insightful insistent inspiring instigator insurmountable intellectual intense interfering intransigent intrepid intriguing invaluable inveigle invincible irascible irrepressible irresistible irrefutable jaunting keen kind knowledgeable lambasted lamentable lascivious lavish layered legendary licentious limitless literate lithe logical loner loquacious loving loyal lugubrious luminous magnanimous magnetic magniloquent manipulative marvelous masterful meaningful mellifluous mesmerizing methodical meticulous mind-blowing misanthrope mischievous misconstrued miserable misjudged misread mistrusting misunderstood morose multifaceted mysterious neglected nonpareil notorious noteworthy observant obstinate obstreperous obtruding obtrusive omnipotent open-minded opprobrious opportunistic oppressed original ornate ostentatious overlooked overshadowed overwrought outspoken painstaking paramount passionate paternal patient patronizing pejorative pensive perceptive peremptory permeative pernicious perpetual perplexing persecuted persevering persistence persuasive pertinacious petulant piercing playful poetic poignant polished polite powerful practical pragmatic predatory presaging presumptuous prevailing prevalent proclaimed prodigious productive proficient profitable progressive propelling protective proud provocateur provocative provoking prowess prudent punctilious purposeful quaint querulous quick-witted quintessential quirky rambunctiious rankled rapturous raunchy raw reactionary realistic reasonable rebellious recalcitrant receptive recluse refined reflective relentless reluctant renounced reprehensible reprobated repudiated resolute resplendent resourceful responsive retaliatory revolutionary rigorous riveting robust roguish romantic rooted ruthless sagacious sanguine sarcastic savvy scapegoat scintillating scrumptious scrupulous scornful seducing sensual sensational sensationalized sexy sharp skeptical shrewd sinful sinister slandered slick sophisticated smooth sneaky snide solicitous sonorous spectacular speculative spiteful stalworthhood steadfast stern stirring strategic striking stringent strong-willed stubborn studious stylistic suave subjective subjugator subversive sufficient superlative supreme surmounted suspicious sympathetic systematic tactful tangled tantalizing tempermental tempting tenacious tenacity terse talented thorough titillating tortured touching transcendent tribulated troublemaker tumultuous unappreciated unbeatable unbounded uncertain uncompromising unconventional undaunted undeniable underestimated underhanded undermining undismayed unique unorthodox unparalleled unperturbed unrelenting unrestrained unrivaled unscrupulous unsurpassed unwanted unwavering unyielding urbane utilitarian vacillating validating venturesome versatile vexing victimized vigilant virile visionary vitiated vocal voluptuary vulnerable watchful well-versed well-informed wicked wily withdrawn witty wondrous yearning zany zealous

Now does that make you want to vote for this man????
Albeit some are less charming, but at least he's honestly upfront about who he is!
After all he is a Dimera! :)

With help from the awesomely talented treasure, Diggy (Lamotri-Jane to some!) and a little from yours truly, co-creator/founder, Elle has designed amazing posters and clothing using these very words to help EJ Dimera win that coveted position of Salem Mayor. Look at all of her dedicated hard work and craftsmanship in getting this sophisticated template together! It demands applause and standing ovation!
Go Elle! Go Diggy! And of course goooooooooo EJ!!!!!

Just got my baseball jersey tee today and couldn't be happier. The words are so miniscule people would need a magnifying glass to see them, but oh boy are they there and look pretty damn awesome! Great conversation starter that's for sure! I will be sporting it with my signed James Scott autographed baseball for they seem to naturally go together! Haha! ;)
You can purchase your very own custom made EJ Dimera shirt here:
With styles ranging from t-shirts, polos, tanks, sweatshirts, and more with prices at $9.99 and up there's a little something for everyone to enjoy! So let's support our guy by wearing him on our chests with pride and joy!
"Down with Abe and in with EJ!"
Catch the dramatic campaign trail action every weekday on "Days Of Our Lives" at 1PM/EST on NBC!


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