Lip Letters

Dear Lips,

People say that I am supposed to like you,
But at times, I cannot make do.
Your bow tipped shape is not so nice,
The only thing you are good for is to entice.
Too fat, too big, and too full,
Are you not breaking a golden rule?
I hate how men often stare,
It is hard pretending to be unaware.
No I am not in denial.
Their comments are shocking, gross, and vile,
See you are the dastardly villains in my world,
Contents that of which the stomach hurled.
Short in height, no I do not wish to be taller,
I want you both to be a little bit smaller.

Sad and ashamed,

Dear Face,

What is the meaning of this disgrace?
For surely I do not take up so much space.
Eyes are big, almond, and brown,
Wide, broad nose takes the middle crown.
I am a striking part above the chin,
Certainly a situation that is beyond a win!
You should love me.
And let this be!
Of a woman who is so beautiful and chaste,
Men do appreciate such fine, quality taste.
Do not feel this impending doubt.
And take the foolish woman’s route.

Yours truly,

Dear Lips,

Your responses do not make me feel any better.
See why I must write this angry hurt letter?
I weep hard at night.
Pillow simply too wet a sight.
Men say degrading things about you.
Most are sadly quite true.
Perverse words greatly affect me.
So I ask to this degree,
My sensibilities. My conscience. My heart.
Aren’t those traits a finer art?
I am highly jealous of your praise.
Obviously the rest of me is not of worthy craze.


Dear Face

You are being incredibly lame.
I am sick and tired of playing this game!
Be proud and stand up straight.
Believe me, you are first rate.
Lovely, unique, kind, and smart,
You are simply off the chart!
Someone needs to give you a mirror in hand,
Because you are one of the most beautiful women on land.
You probably will not ever accept a word I say,
And to me that is just a damn shame.

Yours always,

Dear Lips,

It is scarf season,
A very good reason.
Covering you up for a while.
Now that’s a fond cause to smile.

Best regards,

Dear Face,

How can you be so cruel?
Who cares if men must drool!
As lips, we are a good part,
For kisses are dear to the heart.
Now let us get over this depressing hump.
Soft, full, and delightfully plump,
We were made for the coveted kiss,
It is a good man’s kind of bliss.
Slap yourself silly a million times,
Listen to the poetic wind chimes:
“You are a beautiful, vivacious girl,
A wonderful, radiantly sparkling pearl!”

Yours sincerely,

Dear Lips,

I suppose you are right.
Must put an end to this ridiculous fight!
You are so modest and kind,
I am sorry for being too blind.
Due to that stupid, insecure terror,
I know that I have made a grave error.
Foolishly, I was made to believe,
And have been so utterly deceived.
You are a treasure,
Above all, a sweet, remarkable pleasure.
With tender heart, I’ll always take care of you,
Because first and foremost, I feel that love too!

Genuinely apologetic,

Oh Face!

Your last words had me in tears,
Thank you so much for not succumbing to fears!
No longer do I feel like sobbing,
For now you realize what those men were robbing!
Finally you have also confessed ardent love,
We are just a part of your private cove.
My intelligent, brave, creative dish,
Here is only a most bearable wish:
Keep moistened, soft, and free of rough,
No more bared anger and envy just stay tough!
Continue to be adorably true,
Let those men flock to you.
But never forget that you are not these lips,
You have brains, talent, and very nice hips!

Yours forever,


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