Social Media Night At The Dayton Art Institute & Stephen Knapp's Lightpaintings Exhibit!

Always a welcoming sight.
On a lovely autumn evening, before setting forth on the Stoddard Avenue Pumpkin Glow two weeks ago, I was fortunate and most honored to be invited to another Social Media Night at the Dayton Art Institute celebrating the opening of Stephen Knapp's Lightpaintings exhibit.

Stephen Knapp's Lightpaintings the highlighted exhibit featured at DAI until January 6, 2013.
Very, very exciting things coming up at one of the most cherished art museums in Dayton history.
By November 21, local artists can donate handcrafted ornaments to put on the DAI tree located in the General Motors Rotunda Entrance that will then be included in a special silent auction with proceeds benefiting the amazing DAI Summer Art Camp Scholarship Program. Further details here: Decorate The DAI Tree!
Other big changes and wonderful surprises afoot include renovation of The Cafe featuring new menu items and The Museum Store merging together into one beautiful cohesive gathering space opening in early December. It was quite impressive to get a sneak peek view of the construction- black and white elegance and brilliant orange-red interior that will likely draw more people into the up-to-date classy atmosphere meant to be enjoyed in an unhurried sense.
At the intimate social media party, thoughtful gifts were raffled and everyone was awarded a special sentiment (I got an awesome lime green t-shirt proudly boasting "Art Changes Lives!") and Aimee Marcereau DeGalan, DAI's new curator whose background stems from American and British painting, made introduction, coquettishly implying about upcoming exhibitions, telling us all to, "stay tuned."
Now onto Stephen Knapp's Lightpaintings....

Shadow Musing from 2005 greets us with its straight out of the rectangular, wide screen television format. With strong line direction and graphic black outline, the negative space is primarily filled by dark, engaging shadows that aren't truly absent of color as brilliant dominance of light comes forward.
Close up of Shadow Musing.
An eye catching close up that captures bold intense color & movement of graphic line.
"Lightpaintings are the intersection of painting, sculpture and technology, exploring color, light and space and are a harbinger of the future of painting."- mentioned in front page of Stephen Knapp's website.
So with that being said, my curiosity was piqued for good reason.
Lightpaintings? A man painting using only light? What on earth....
"What is it like?" I had asked Eric Brockman, Marketing and Communications Manager of the Dayton Art Institute and one of the parties responsible for putting Dayton Art Institute's Social Media Event together.
"There are no words to describe it," he replied. "You just have to see it!"
He was completely right about that.
Stephen Knapp's constructive, straight out of the box, Lightpaintings are the most intriguing artworks I've had the pleasure of viewing in a while.
Part interactive sculpture. Part celebration of light.
These nearly life sized "paintings" are more than holographic like images displayed on the wall.
Taking light in crisp, sharp edged line formations and a special kind of hand cut glass, the lush spectrum of glorifying colors depicted in each carefully articulated installation piece invites viewers to analyze and come to their own personal conclusions as to what Knapp embodies in these mesmerizing compositions that play with the same elemental hierarchy that a painter does- realistic interaction of light and shadow topping that list.
As an added treat, people can also engage in stealing the light's direction for the one sole light bulb hovering can be intentionally blocked, taking some or all color away.

Forward Green, 2005 is spring season sophistication with curved elements and captivating golden orange and vivid green colors that joyously dance on the darkened wall.
Side close up view of interactive Forward Green.
Serenata, 2008 is even more eye catching. With delicious poppy candy color and chaotic prisms making diagonal criss crossing pattern, the brilliant scheme of this piece is absolutely phenomenal in all corners of view.
Pink, purple, turquoise, and yellow are just some of the colors working harmoniously together to create a dynamism that is irresistible enjoyment to the the naked eye.
A close up of the spectacular glass structures in Serenata.
Another close up of Serenata.
Introspection from 2012 uses a melodic pastel palette that is much different than the others displayed in the gallery. A contrasting anomaly, the softness of this piece gives an alluring, tranquil sense of poignancy and hope as the light moves in infinite directions, making stark, vital shadows on the wall.
The close up shapes captured of Introspection are quite reminiscent of stylistically rendered winged insects floating into beguiling space.
Into Morning from 2007-2011 brings celebratory radiance, taking up a substantial amount of wall space as it livens up the atmosphere with bright, electrifying luminosity.
The close up of Into Morning illustrates Knapp's innovative way of weaving light fragments into an astonishing painting that is quite a three-dimensional masterpiece.
Just a taste of the grand scale of Into Morning, one of Knapp's larger works.
Another astounding close up of Into Morning.
Capriccio from 2003 is another vivid splendor using an array of amazing color. The free flowing shapes almost circle the pink and red center, creating almost a rather intriguing abstract flower.
A close up of Capriccio in all its fetching glory!
For further information about Stephen Knapp on the web visit: Stephen Knapp OfficialLightpaintings.
But most importantly, please check out his amazing sculptures at the Dayton Art Institute.
Photographs and description alone cannot do the justice required to truly experience the majestic breadth of this beautifully crafted, interactive artwork.
It's pure genius and refreshing fun that the whole family can enjoy.
Connect with DAI to find out more about Lightpaintings and the exciting events coming up!
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