Happy Belated Halloween & the Stoddard Avenue Pumpkin Glow Highlights

While ladies gave out leftover candy from their ghostly buckets, Batman & Joker also made surprise guest appearances amongst the crowded pumpkin spectacle, spreading further joy to delighted children and some adults.
Happy November!
Hope everyone has had a pleasant Halloween- partaking and enjoying the magnificent costumes as well as candy galore, especially the marked down sugary madness soon to be happening at every grocery store.
Lord knows I cannot wait....
After a lovely evening at the Dayton Art Institute, I ventured right behind the museum for the traditional Stoddard Avenue Pumpkin Glow located atop of Grafton Hills, but since I foolishly forgot my memory card only a few pictures were taken of the splendidly carved pumpkins with their sweet cinnamon scented tea light candles wafting through the cool autumn evening.
Every year, it gets more and more wonderful just to see the wide range of talent and knife chiseling precision.

A lovely rose.
A werewolf or a fangy kitten?
Bowling pins waiting for my gutter ball. Seriously. I'm terrible at the sport.
Diamond, heart, spade, & clover playing card design! Yes!!!
Fitness inspiration. I heard that Zumba is the cat's meow! Still haven't tried it yet.
Roman numerals.
The hill view featuring all sorts of cartoon, comic book, and movie characters as well as the traditional carving.
A beautiful lion!
And of course the crazy Mad honcho! Pretty well done. :D


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    1. I agree! Love looking at these pumpkin works of art & that scent of cinnamon makes it all the more enjoyable!


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