40 Years Of RTA Plus Awesome Prize Pack Equals Thank You!

I was the queen of envy when "driving" & squeezing this awesome foam bus in drawing class today!
Just last week on RTA's coveted 40th anniversary date- November 6th, the fares were 40 cents all day long- a much needed treat for passengers. Now we're on day 9 of 40 Facts About RTA, a special contest running on Facebook and Twitter for RTA rider fans.
Very excited to learn about this exciting promotion, I found these unveiled historic trivial bits quite interesting, especially considering that I have been a coveted bus fan (go trolley!) and have made some very kind driver friends over the years.
So here are the 9 exciting facts so far:

1.) The publicly-owned Miami Valley Regional Transit Authority (MVRTA) formed in 1970 and was controlled by trustees from Dayton, Oakwood and Kettering.

2.) During prolonged negotiations in the early 1970s, City Transit agreed to sell its property to the Miami Valley Regional Transit Authority (MVRTA) for under $3 million.

3.) On November 6, 1972 the Miami Valley Regional Transit Authority took over the operation of privately-operated City Transit. *

4.) The first women drivers were hired by RTA in 1974. Joella Rooney and Mary Crowder began training as operators on February 19 that year. 

5.) To afford the cost of providing expanded service throughout the county, the Miami Valley Regional Transit Authority passed a county retail sales tax in 1980 and began negotiations with several small bus lines that had been providing limited suburban service.

6.) County-wide service began in 1980 and eventually the original service to Dayton and Oakwood expanded to 21 suburban cities, villages, and townships, as well as Wright State University and Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Greene County.

7.) RTA became one of the first transit properties in the country to become fully compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements by installing wheelchair lifts on all of our buses long before the required date.

8.) In 1995, a new fleet of trolley buses, built partly in the Czech Republic and partly in Baltimore, Maryland, arrived in Dayton.

9.) Dayton, Ohio’s RTA is noted for being one of only five cities in the U.S., and the smallest city, to continue offering electric-powered transit options in addition to diesel buses....

Only 31 more days left and I cannot wait to read more. This is sooooooo amazing and fun!

So I'm giving a big "THANK YOU!" to my pals at the RTA. After retweeting and Facebook sharing my first RTA fact (number #3 that is), I won this lovely prize pack- a treasure for one of the biggest bus devotees!
Thank you! Thank you! Thannnnnk yoooou!!!!
Much love to the drivers and other staff at the RTA for making such a dedicated commitment to regional transit, for steering those beautiful buses to go places all over beloved city. RTA has been an amazingly significant part of my life since childhood. :)

Not only receiving a $25 Kroger Gift Card, but a mini route map, two balloons, a thermos mug to hold my Starbucks hot chocolate, and a coaster were also included. However, the best part inside of the lime plastic bag was the foam bus.
With sweet prizes just in time for the holiday season like gift cards and wonderful RTA treasures, best of luck to all those who enter. But sorry, I believe only residing Daytonians are eligible to win. 
One can still enjoy the infectious spirit and fruitful knowledge about the history of Dayton's public transportation.
Follow the excitement with these RTA links and learn more about our regional transit system here:
RTA Offical Site
RTA Facebook
RTA Twitter


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