Wizard World Madness

It's always such a blast seeing various people decked out in fabulous superhero/villain costumes. I try taking as many pics as possible posing with them or getting solo shots of creativity at work. Sure they say that comic books are just for the nerds, but rest assure every one of every creed and station gets a kick out of letting their inner child come out. Dressing up isn't just for Halloween anymore!

The Costumes

I have no idea what this person was supposed to be (they didn't either!), if they were male or female (they refused to speak!) but giraffes rule & should be in the comic books fighting crime (giant evil Panda Bears?), I suppose!

Rogue & I are the untouchable, unstoppable kind of women! I commend her costume, I really do. Much, much better than that atrocity X-Men put together for Anna Paquin.

A babe amongst babes, hahaha! Though I could use work. Wonder Woman & unidentified black leotard chick were definitely sweet crime fighters & I was greatly obliged to them for stopping to strike a Vogue pose.

This very nice guy was promoting a costume shop that sells unique one of a kind costumes, like the one he wears here- a guinea pig from an early 90's Japanese cartoon series that I'll have to look up in the future! He claims it was pretty good so I guess I better take his word on that!

So Johnny Depp (he ooked sort of like Captain Sparrow without his pirate attire, I guess, then again he probably wasn't even costumed..)& the female Robin were outside on a bench chatting. I wasn't eavesdropping seeing as they were fifty yards away. I just happened to see them from inside of a window and thought, "well what an awesome shot this would be!"

In your face! Who's scarier now Jason? Who? Grrrr!!!!

Fighting the good fight along with Wolverine, Mr. Fantastic, & Supergirl! Doctor Octopus, seriously outnumbered & happily awaiting a crushing defeat! He and his eight arms are going down!

Yup, there you go! A rocket launcher dude....
Pretty darn expectable!

Go Tollway Warrior Man (or woman?)!
It took ample courage to walk around in something that looked so overly heated and heavy! Pretty cool, if I must say so!

OMG! It's Black Canary & her superhubby Green Arrow! Don't they just look lovely?

It's Centaur Man! Look how he carts around his better half! ;)

The Celebs

I was upset at not being able to take pics with James Marsters, Charisma Carpenter, Nicholas Brendon, Kelly Donovan, Mercedes McNab, or Clare Kramer, for these were who I came to see! They had an actual photo op. Last year a fan could stand in their line and pose for pics with them, but this time had to be at the photo op section at a specific time and once it was over, basically screwed out of taking pics with them. So I did get to see James, shook his hand and said, "hello," and he smiled charmingly, sweetly commenting that I had a nice smile, which surprised me and had me blushing! Egads! That was completely unexpected. I thought he would be mean asking me why I was in line without the intention of spending $40 for an autograph, but he was quite surprisingly cordial. Definitely a highlight of whole experience at Wizard World! :)

It's the Willy Wonka children all grown up, well two of them at least, but Charlie Bucket isn't looking so happy (someone please get that man a Golden Ticket!) and Veruca Salt doesn't look so spoiled anymore! All in all, they were very, very nice!

Charisma is blond now!!! She must have dyed it for an upcoming role. I really wished I had the courage to chat with her, she was alone at times, but the woman is undeniable beautiful.

If Lou Ferrigno caught me, he would have beat me up, for he always wants fans to pay for a pic, even one as far away as this one! Thank goodness, I snapped this quickly! Had no intention of having a black eye ruining my outfit!

Pam Grier was so gracious!
Chatted with her about Wizard World (she was having a good first time!), her book which is being financed into a movie, & culture.
Told her that my mom was a fan of hers and she asked me why she didn't come down. Plus she asked me my mom's birthday and said, "Mine is two days after hers." She autographed a beautiful black & white portrait and scribbled "Happy Birthday" and "Jackie Brown" on it!(My mom's name is Jackie!)
All and all what a woman! Sweet, funny, and full of down home charm!

I spied Clare Kramer (the evil Glory from Season 5 of Buffy!), Mercedes McNab, and a bit of a smiling Nicholas Brendon!

Nifty Objects

This colorful vintage Batman & Robin litho is pretty damn sweet! But I didn't have $270 for it!

I agree with you, Buffy! Spike fans definitely rule! <3

It's the Thing and he's comprised of balloon fun! OMG, just amazing huh? I can't even make a dog, much less a cat out of balloons....

Doctor Doom is also made up of balloons??? Wow! Creativity at its finest!

A big soft and squishy Yoshi for your enjoyment!

Can you guess who I would want to play Catwoman over Anne Hathaway??? C'mon Christopher Nolan give her a chance! Don't count her out because she's stuffed with felt and bean pellets!

Wizard World Chicago 2011, hits & misses, but still had a great time! :)


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