The Artsy Fartsy Adventures of Online Shopping

First off, the upcoming weekend is very, very exciting for I will be writing about the upcoming James Scott Minor League Baseball game on Saturday evening and the fantastic, fun filled enjoyment of Wizard World Chicago on Sunday. Woot! Woot!
Now on with the show!

For the past few weeks, I've been digging one of a kind items, especially uniquely crafted wearable art that relate to me as an individual, as a creative, free-spirited young woman.
It was imperative to find things that speak that language.
Some of which I saw on etsy, rarely eBay, and now I've been looking into shops a lot more independent.
One purchase I loved was made last Friday, a beautiful bag from an incredibly chic indie store, called Vau Store which features sweet tote bags featuring modest, minimalistic, metaphoric (say that three times fast, I dare you!) designs.
I was very lucky for it was sold out a week prior, but the store tweeted me a heads up once it was stocked (and on sale nonetheless!) Drawn by the symmetry of the composition and the subject of nature love, I couldn't wait to receive it!
Arriving just two days ago, in pink tissue paper, folded neatly, and tied with a ribbon, I sighed happily at acquiring such a purse.

Called "Cuter Than Glee," the soft, finely stitched bag is abundantly green with ten dots on the left hand corner, an off centered white circle, and a pink, bold magenta outlined deer breaking that very circle. The interior, reversible side was called "Pink Gingham" and the pretty, repetitive shapes reminded me of strawberries and vines, one of the finest, sweetest tastes of summer.

If a lot of people commented on the pink Strawberry Driving Tofu bag that I usually wore, there would be ample hits on "Cuter Than Glee" as well. Its adorably lovable nature theme is definitely a worthy conversation starter.
I know it's a relatively small gesture, but this was unexpected and very thoughtful! I was utterly delighted to find a small pink envelope bearing my name (Spelled correctly! Yes!) in a sweet cursive penmanship. It was an altogether touching anecdote, personalizing the online transaction experience and making me ultimately want to buy more from the shop in the future.
So yes, if you're wondering what happened next, I immediately untied the strings and stuffed my new tote with the girl essentials- book, keys, lipgloss, wallet, & iPhone, cheerfully on my way, proudly displaying my bag on its nature side!
Needless to say, but must be said, if anyone tried to purse snatch me, I would gladly dump everything to the ground (Hahaha! Because I carry no cash or credit cards anyway!), in order to save my beloved bag! After all, I could always get more lip gloss....

The second item I wanted to mention was from a few weeks ago- a very beautiful Frida Kahlo brass antiqued locket adorned with pearl beads and a lovely red rose. It made perfect sense for me to acquire such a necklace because Kahlo has always been one of my inspirations for becoming a painter, for her bold, zesty portraits are hauntingly brave and narrative.

The problem with it was that the length of the black velvet cord was too long. I didn't want to cut it do to the sewn toggles. Though I am relatively good at sewing, I wouldn't consider myself to be on an expert or novice level. So I only wear it with either plain tops and dresses or daringly low cut attire.
Now the color palette itself stands out exceptionally well. It's quite catchy in a fetching sort of way, one of which has gotten many admirers.
Sadly, the little piece of sentimental paper somehow flew out of it. I should have taped or glued it in there, but I suppose I just got carried away- happy that I was wearing my favorite artist around my neck and holding a treasured memory of someone special inside.
So to sum it up, I love both of my purchases and will continue to make more fun, thrilling ones in the future.
Woo hoo!!! :D


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