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Hello there.
Hoped that everyone had a marvelous, very stuffed Thanksgiving and kicked off the holiday season in a kind, thoughtful, nonviolent strategy.
The Rendezvous. Watercolor on Arches.
If you're like me, bidding time and playing the waiting game until the really perfect gift comes along- this masterful practice requires the virtue of devout patience. 
However, I'm not sitting at home avoiding the mall crowds or big name retailers such as Wal-Mart, Target, Kohl's, and T.J. Maxx. 
I have another plan cooking.
Why Shopping Handmade Effects You & Our Economy
^ Shana of Rubbish Love wrote an inspiring little article about the importance of handmade shopping.
This year and for every other holiday season after, I will be conducting most of my buying online and at local Dayton shops like Cachet G!, Peace On Fifth, and various thrift stores while also making gifts for family, friends, and my etsy shop.
Handmade art just adds a more sentimental touch to a holiday gift.
African Queen magnets-  Prismacolor colored pencils on 4" oval shaped wood.
I've been browsing soaps, shampoos, candles, and other present ideas that certain people would cherish because they're unique, one of a kind items that aren't mass produced. Independently crafted merchandise reasonably priced with that money going towards that creator's own pockets for not just sole profitable gain and not some humungous penny pinching corporation. These artisans make things that they personally love and put out their products because they know other people will adore them too.
That is simply called sharing the wealth and fruit of their labor.
Queen Lioness Prismacolor pencil drawing sold for $40.
Speaking of which, my etsy shop will be hosting a sale soon. Once I finish adding more prints, paintings, and seasonal holiday cards, the details will be set in stone. Also there is now a link in my etsy shop for personal requests. Though I have a few animal portraits left on the roster, I have ample time to create other custom commissions, especially for those who would enjoy a lovely little glossy painting or drawing of a beloved pet pal or family member as a wrapped treasure.
My motto for this joyous season- think indie, small, and remember what this is all about. I'm writing my list and checking it twice, and knowing which gifts would be quite nice.


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