I Miss You: The First Commission of 2012

Not just in heart and spirit, Meano was to be forever immortalized in art.
Yes, I've drawn and painted him several times over the years, but this was different. I was asked and approached to create a piece about a wonderful, good dog friend.
With him being gone, I wanted to make it even more special, invoking every last aspect of love.

I had been given free reign on size and medium.
On black matboard, I began layering the oil pastels on thickly. (I only use my Holbein! Best pastels ever!) Yellows, oranges, browns, greens, reds, and blues built up a joyous, tongue dripping, rich butter faced dog.
For hours, I worked in various places- bedroom floor, living room table, in my friend's classroom, and at Starbucks. Such an honor, hearing compliments by family, friends, and strangers as I progressed.

I wanted the pastels to stand out, but couldn't leave the background black.
Didn't want to think of him in a dark, miserable place lacking sunshine and positive energy.
Doggy Heaven had to be a golden, vibrant magical world of lush, green grass for him to roam around free, happy, and wild.
Using Liquitex's Basic Gold and Golden copper acrylic paint, a wide brush painted thick application of a shimmery, beautiful atmosphere.
The warping only minimal, the matboard went back to flat.
Green grass was next.
Lots and lots of green, brown, yellow, red horizontal lines of pastel strokes.
Last step- a generous spraying of Krylon Low Odor Matte Finish Spray on all pastel work.

Here's the finished piece.
Meano paused in the brink of joy.
And I'll always remember him looking that way.
From atop of his favorite tree stump in the backyard.


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