The Shockingly Self-Absorbed Mall Trip

Went strolling through the Fairfield Commons Mall searching for the perfect gifts for Mom and brothers.
Fruitless and empty handed, I ventured into two of my favorite shops, Nirvana and SHE Fashions (formerly Sleepy Hollow) looking for bargain deals.
Of course, I knew that there would be more "presents" for me here and not my family.
Still, nothing wrong with harmless window shopping!

Belly Dancing wear on sale!
Ummm yeah.
Could totally see Mom and brothers enjoying these things.
Nothing in my color spectrum unfortunately- only purples or darker blues for me!
Not that I planned on making purchases for myself.
But can't help imagining how amazing at home belly dance training would be if I wore something similar to what the other Shimmy ladies are wearing!

Bob Marley!
Except Mom isn't necessarily big on reggae and my brothers probably aren't interested in a dread locked Rastafarian rapping about peace and love.
Though one brother might love the "green" aspect of Marley's poetry!
Now when summer comes along (in about 5 1/2 months boo hoo!) these sized small tank tops would look amazing on a certain someone.....

And a little Marley to sleep on too?
Nirvana has thought of everything!
Err.... for my family.
Not me, of course.

Marilyn Monroe!
Oh wait...
Mom's not really big on the old Hollywood glamorous bombshell and brothers....
No comment on that.
These handbags are popping!
I'm more of a tote bag over the shoulder gal, but for a night on the town, one of these in hand would be perfect.

This tee is soooo beautiful.

A girl always needs a few long maxi dresses in her closet.

And a little reminder that bandannas rock!
Whoo hoo!
Go get em cowgirl!
Since no gifts could be found for the family, off to SHE Fashions- a store that features elegantly designed, rainbow hued dresses, vintage t-shirts, and finely crafted artisan jewelry for the most special of occasions.
Many cutesy intricate items that I absolutely adored.
Unfortunately, nothing screamed, "Mom would love this!" or "how about this for my brothers?"
It was an all "me" situation.

Nothing there either.
Leaving empty handed, I couldn't help thinking that Christmas time is difficult!


  1. These dresses are all pretty!
    Although, I agree finding something for Christmas is very difficult!

  2. I too just love the dresses! So pretty, earthy, and vibrant! :)


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