Minimental Chocolates!

So far, I have 8 unfinished works of sweet proportions. Though 2" by 2" on Arches rough manila colored paper, these mini compositions about different kinds of chocolate is sure to satisfy anyone with an eye for the treats I depict (or at least I hope so). A chocolate muffin, a milk chocolate Lindt, Nutella (the yummiest chocolate hazelnut spread on earth!), a hot fudge sundae, chocolate cake, an unwrapped Hershey bar, two freshly, untouched Reese cups, and a plate of chocolate chip cookies are the 8. Some I like better than others, but they all need work.
There is a story behind the pieces, a reason why they are set up the way that they are. The essence of love and joy is usually present in the process of creating sweet goods- the same as in visual and performing arts. Tasting the results of hard work is always the greatest of pleasures. I cannot begin to say how much I enjoy being in the kitchen to bake! It is splendid happiness in preparing something at home- sometimes these things could be made alone (like sundaes) or with aide (baking cookies with little ones is always a fun pre-dinner activity) as opposed to buying something well known, processed, and with a list of strange preservative ingredients that baffles the mind. Nowadays ready to bake or already baked cookies, cakes, and pastries are something to bring home and or the candies that are made by the thousands in a single minute.
However, someone must say that there is nothing like cracking eggs, wiping flour from the brow, and licking the dangerous batter from the bowl.
Long, boring story, but the honest truth in what inspired me to draw this small body of work.
The due date for Minimentals is this Friday at noon so I must have these shipped to Cincinnati by Tuesday. I wish I could find or make some great frames for them, but I don't have the time. I would also love to make two more. If I can fit it in, brownies would be at the top of the list and maybe M&M's or Hershey kisses for the brand, manufactured part. Who knows? Either way, it's chocolate that is the theme here.
It is the passion for chocolate that ties it all together.


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